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it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that excel rate its bathing schedule to three day as week during these hot summer months. i'm glad you're up watching us on many nbc or hearing us live on serious xm radio. you can do what tyler wingkle bomb does. a lot to tell you about today including a tabloid scandal that's wronging great britain where a newspaper owned by rupert murdoch is accused of hacking into people's voice mails. details in a moment. plus the democratic experiment continues in afghanistan. now, before you laugh, jefferson frank
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franklin used to throw their shoes at each overall the time. first let's get to the news. here at 5:30 a.m. you're at 30 rock. in a few hours the president will meet at the white house with senate leaders. the meeting comes as today's "washington post" reports the president is considering major changes in social security and medicare as part of that deal. that, though, in exchange for republican support for new tax revenue. he says the president's plan will cut more 2457b trillion over the next ten years. that's up from the original plan of $2 trillion in savings. this comes after president obama held his first-ever twitter town hall yesterday where he continued to push pressure on capitol hill to get a deal done. >> i don't thirg we should even get to the constitutional issue. congress has a responsibility to make sure we pay our bills. we've paid them in the past. the notion that the u.s. is going to default on its debt is
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just irresponsible, and my expectation is that over the next week to two weeks that congress working with the white house comes up with a deal that solves our deficit, solves our debt problems, and makes sure that our full faith and credit sit protected. >> during the town hall the prot answered tweets from all over the country and it got one from house speaker john boehner. boehner's tweet saying after embarking on a record spending binge that's left us deeping in debt wrrks are the jobs. a tweet from speaker boehner. here's how the president responded. >> obviously john's the speaker of the house, he's a republican, and so this is a slightly skewed question. but what he's right about is that we have not seen fast enough job growth relative to
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it. we e have not gotten the type of cooperation that i'd like to see on those initiatives but i'd like to key trying. eventually the speak ler see the light. >> they're talking about a newellingness to close the tax loopholes. speak yesterday, house leader eric cantor said in part if the president wants to talk loopholes, we'll be glad to talk loopholes. any discussion of loopholes must be accompanied by offseth tax cuts. we are not for increasing representative knew. cantor's comment drew a sharp response from democrats who say the demand would prevent them from winning any deficit cuts from tax cut loopholes. eric cantor will join us a little bit later on "morning joe." the transportation security administration, the tsa warning airlines and foreign nations to beef up security after receiving intelligence that terrorists may have found a new hiding place
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for explosives, inside their bodies. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: renewed interest for invading airport security. recently intercepted intelligence indicates al qaeda terrorists in yemen may attempt to surgically implant components or explosive components to carry out suicide attacks. >> we see this as the evolution of how they can try to defeat us, to get around those layers of security we have now. >> under one scenario the terrorist onborn the plain would inject a chemical detonator in the part of the body where it was implanted or it could be a cell phone. it could be a flight overseas. airlines that fly here have been advised 57d airports where those fliegts take off have been urged to increase security with more physical pat-downs, checks for traces of explosive chemicals
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more questioning about their reasons for travel and more use of the full body scanners in airports that have them. a former homeland security official says while there's no single piece of technology that could reply bly detect something in the body, such a plan would be hard to carry about. >> you don't know how the explosive would react in the body, how the impact would be affected because of the body and what effect it would have on the individual while being in the body, so there's not a whole lot of testing you can do in advance. >> reporter: but it's more proof terrorism experts say that al qaeda remains focused on plains. >> it demonstrated consistent creative if buy al qaeda to circumvent security. we've seen the underwear bomber, the cargo plot. this would be a progression for them to find another way to attack us. white house press secretary says the intel that led to the warning, quote, does not relate to an imminent or specific threat but the tsa says
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travelers heading from the u.s. to aborder may note screeners taking additional precautions now. the federal aviation administration releasing dramatic new audio forces an airline to land in april. they worked together get the plane on the ground after a 6 foot-hole, you might remember, ripped over in the fuselage during a trip from phoenix to sacramento. the tear led to what they call a rapid controlled descent, an altitude of 36,000 to 11,000 feet. pilots initially wanted to return to phoenix but as the cockpit tapes will show you they soon realized that airport was too far away. >> let's make a turn and go
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uh -- hor far away is yuma from us right now? >> yuma is in your 3:00 position and 50 miles. >> we'll take yuma. >> they were able to land safely at the yuma air force baz in arizona. no injuries among the 118 people on board. there are new questions of exxon's handling of the oil spill. in the wake of friday's spill, exxon officials initially said a ten-mile area between the cities of billings and laurel were hardest hit, but igts clean-up efforts of the 42,000-gallon accident continues. they now confirm oil has been found as far as 80 miles downstream. governor brian switzer is also questions the timeline of the spill and says the company will be held accountable. >> exxon mobil said to begin with that it was only for six minutes and it was controlled
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out of houston, texas. that grew to 30 minutes. but it's nearly ten times as long as they said initially. i can tell you this. they will stay here and they will clean it up to the satisfaction to the people of montana and when it's done, we'll let them know. >> exxon mobile previously told them that it was deep enough that it wouldn't cause damage. a hacking damage involved one of its own. prime minister david cameron is calling for an investigation into media giant news corp. police now believe the widows of iraq war victims were targeted by one of the company's tabloids, the news of the world. this coming after allegations that news of the world hacked into the cell phone of a teen girl who was abducted and murdered in 2002. nbc's michelle kosinski reports on british reaction to the
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scandal. >> reporter: just how low will a tabloid go? new allegations against the new of the world. they hacked into the voice mails of families of murder victims. people are furious. advertisers are pulling out and the prime minister under pressure is calling for an investigation. >> i feel so appalled by what has happened, murder victims, terrorist victims who have have been attacked. quite disgraceful. >> reporter: the news of the world has admitted to and apologized for hacking into certain celebrities' voice mail in the past. now rupert murdoch calls these allegations deplorable and unacceptable and news world will once zbren cooperate with police. thousands of citizens may have been victimized and many are accused of paying for information. they hacked into the voice mail of a 13-year-old, abducted and murdered in 2002 while she was
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missing and deleted messages as her voice mail filled up which gave her family false hope she was alive. >> i thought we were in a dark place and i didn't think anybody could make it darker. >> interestingly enough in america we don't have this kind of journalism yet and hopefully it's such that this is judge a bridge too far. >> reporter: at a time when news outlets face fierce competition, a tabloid that sells 35 million copies a year is finding the most shocking scandal of all comes from its own newsroom. >> nbc's michelle kosinski reporting to us. this is also a business story. if you look at the front page of the "financial times" this morning murdock investors take flights. news investors shares down 3.6% on the news. meanwhile facebook and skype teaming up for a march made in video chat heaven.
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let's take an early look at markets as we get all up in your business. carolyn live from london. carolyn, great to see you. >> willie, great to see you. facebook users now have another feature to play with. the skype video chat. it's for free and ebb ables one-on-one chats with your friends. it was unveiled by mark zuckerberg yesterday. it could be a major boost for skype. they only have 1.5 million use irs as opposed to facebook which has 750 million users. competition heating up after google launched its own social network last week. >> carolyn, two super parters getting back toert. cnbc's carolyn schober. thank you very much. we've had walk-off balks and controversial plays of the week and now instead of walk-off suicide squeeze? some great baseball highlights ahead in sports. >> plus, guy walks into a san
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francisco art museum, swipes a picasso off the wall, coolly walks out of the joint and catches a cab. details of this least dramatic art heist ever and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes back. it was the largest attack on london since world war ii, only this time no one saw the attackers, and the subway system that london turned to for shelter in world war ii was not the place to be today.
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early." it's 5:45. a beautiful picture from the top of our bidding at 30 rock. a check on the weather with
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meteorologist bill karins. >> looks nice. it's too bad you shouldn't breathe to much of that air. smog advisory. poor air quality for a lot in the east coast. good morning, everyone. it's going to be one of those days like yesterday. summer, hot, humid. isolated thunderstorms. we'll be dry in new england unlike yesterday. upward of new york city southward we could see a thunderstorm late today. the worst travel this morning is on interstate 70 in topeka, kansas. the rest of the country, it's kind of the same as what we're dealing with here. the southeast, isolated thunderstorms out there and also some in the northern plains. we're not going too see any concentrated areas, willie. typical isolated storms. >> likes like it's going be muggy. combination heat and wetness. thanks so much. time for some sports now. the san francisco giants at home against the grace late last night. top of the sixth. san diego's guzman deep to
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center. watch andres torres with a nice over the shoulder running catch. pablo sandival brings them home with an rbi double. ninth inning. big panda again. this time on defense. look at the play at third base. and the throw gets him by about 10 feet. that ends a padre rally. so we go to extra innings. bottom of the 14th inning here. nate schierholtz jacks one into the bag. his second home run of the night. the fans go home happy. after 14 innings, giants win, 6-5. quick healing, albert pujols back in the cardinals lineup for the first time since going on the dl with a wrist injury. they give the reds an early 5-1 lee. this two-run shot. st. louis battles back. in the seventh inning, pew hoesz battles to left making it a one-run game.
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he was one for six in the game. bottom of ninth, the cardinals' jon jay drives deep to right center field and it makes its way up into the stands. st. louis rallies from an eight-run deficit to force extra innings. top of the 13th, bruce scores up a ground ruled double by pinch hitter ramon hernandez. it's 9-8, cincinnati. jay with one more chance to tie it up. aroldis chapman sit himself down. reds hang on to win it, 9-8. gnat as at home hoping to sweep the cubs. two-run home run to dead center field. that's a bomb. he's homered in back-to-back games, ties the game at four. in the seventh, davey johnson, the nats manager calls for a suicide squeeze. you've got to love it. wilson ramos executes it from third. that was your eventual game winner. nationals sweep the cubs. they're two games above .500 and
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ten games back in the n.l. east. extra innings between the marlins and phillies. mike stanton's hit a walk-off home run into left. as always, a wonderful crowd assembled there in south florida. there was only one guy there and he made the play. the marlins not doing too much winning these days which may explain why nobody was able to get stanton with a pie in the face. there we go, 0 for 2. they missed him three times in fact before he finely relented and took the pie in the face. finally imagine being crushed by one of the best tennis players in twofrmd why not try a stall point. about to advance in straight sets when someone's cell phone goes off. she waits. she waits. nobody turns offer. it keeps ringing, keeps ringing. turns out the phone belong to her oh opponent. she brings the match to a halt
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to turn off her cell phone. come on. she did return to court and was promptly eliminated from the tournament. coming up on the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama set to meet this morning with congressional lee leaders. new reports that he's ready to hack into medicare and social security, that is, if republicans will hack into taxes. we'll discuss that with the crew. and when we come back here, we'll huddle up around the water cooler to watch democracy at work in afghanistan. sometimes the process requires a little shoe-throwing. "way too early" is coming right back. ...was it something big? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet.
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the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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as exxonmobil, the epa, and state officials work to clean up the oil spill in montana, we're getting a look at the size and scope of the oil giant's nationwide pipeline record. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends that exxon mobil pipeline company, the operator of the montana line that ruptured transports over 2.7 million barrels of crude oil per day in the united states and that travels through 8,000 miles of pipeline. about 40,000 barrels of oil travel through the billings every single day. enough of the real news. let's huddle around the water cooler. sometimes democracy is messy.
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sometimes shoes will be thrown. pretty good brawl here. we're not going to call it an epic brawl. here there's an old picture of george bush having a shoe thrown at him. there's that and here's afghanistan. here it is. two sides. one side supports president karzai, the other side does not. one woman throws her shuchlt then comes a little water bottle. now we're throw iing hand. there comes the shoe, the ultimate insult. it's a good start. listen, it's a young dmo democracy. this is where you begin with stuff like. the next step let's go to taiwan where they really teach you how to have a parliamentary brawl. nobody does it better. sure the guy slaps and waves his hafrmt pretty soon the red crosses come. not sure what's happening there. perhaps not the finest brawl, but you get the idea. did you hear the story out
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of san francisco? py ka sow thief. a well dressed man walks into san francisco's weinstein gallery stealing a 1965 picasso valued at 75 grand. security camera catches the man coolly walking out with a picasso covered with a white sheet of paper, walked down the street and hops into a cab and gets away. there was no dramatic thomas crown kind of thing where he slipped under the gates. this is what he stole right here. this work of art. 700 grand we're told this could fetch, but as you may know, it's kind of tough to sell a stolen pick ka o'up there on the market. one more for you. i don't know why we're showing you this. dsk, dominique strauss-kahn, what happened here? he got locked out of his apartment? it's pad when you arrive home to throngs of cameras? he got a little help getting in there. since we showed bush throw a
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shoe, can we show him trying to get in, i don't know, a locked door of some kind? there it is. there it is. pose. there it is. george w. bush. come on, you miss him a little bit. your morning e-mails and texts are next. "morning joe" is moments away. [ female announcer ] now, give dry, damaged hair a whole new life! with aveeno nourish plus moisturize. active naturals wheat formulas target and help repair damage in just 3 washes.
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a casey anthony juror said he or she was sick to his or her stock, a sick to their stomach over the verdict they had to render. we asked you at the top of the show what you're doing at this hour. our producer rob gif fortd has some efforts. >> may shah writes i'm driving from virginia to alaska to start a new job. i just crossed the mississippi river into iowa. >> marsha, sounds like a great new job. the only thing is we would ask you flotd to text or tweet on your way to your brand-new job. what else. >> robert writes i like to get uparily and wash my socks in the creek. >> that is a first in that that demographic.

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